Engineering a brand strategy for Cape Fear Valley Health that elevated market awareness by 23%, identifying opportunities for revenue growth and achieved brand dominance.  Onboarding over a dozen clinics in 2017 that increased brand footprint and preference across the seven-county area. Addressing, head-on, resulting operational and internal brand challenges by orchestrating this disparate network of care delivery sites into a unified, operationalized brand. Resulting revenue growth exceeded projected objectives.


Demonstrating success in digital space with Click Through rates averaging above 3%.  Building a strong social media following by developing relevant and engaging content from local experts/physicians by service line.
Harnessed innovative tactics and channels – leveraging traditional and digital media to grow key service lines [Heart & Vascular, Orthopedics and Cancer] by 20% over two years.


Rebuilding and refocusing a failing in-house marketing team, to think strategically, work efficiently and be accountable. The marketing team quickly became a top-performing unit – responsive and respected, cross-functional and collaborative, with a committed focus on enterprise success, establishing clear responsibilities and accountabilities.



I will energize the visibility and profitability of your brand. Through collaboration and market data I develop a compelling, unified brand vision and differentiated brand strategy to build immersive and amazing brand experiences for customers, partners and staff at every touch point.  Engage, influence and inspire your communities with clear and compelling messaging and thought leadership platforms –  presented through fully integrated campaigns utilizing social, digital and traditional media.  I will be the voice of the customer and advance customer advocacy. I will continually measure, evaluate and analyze your brand perception and value.