Laptop & Coffee


My name is Vincent Benbenek. I’m currently in a career transition, and looking for a great opportunity. 

If you are seeking a dynamic marketing/business development leader, a hands-on creative strategist and a reliable, respected team builder, please consider me as a candidate.

A marketing executive with a proven record of delivering increased brand awareness, preference, market share, and profitability across multiple industries. A catalytic leader with a passion for brand development through inspiring campaigns that utilize traditional, digital, and social media components. 


A brand purpose and engagement catalyst who has deep experience connecting brands with the communities they serve. I’m a communicator who understands the importance of emotional and human storytelling. 


We live in a world of motion, where nothing is static and table stakes for brands is an ability to navigate industry disruption, technology advances, stakeholder desires and more. I know how to harness the emotional energy that comes from a brand’s story to build engaging and immersive experiences for brands — the kind that create conversation, boost adoption and inspire change. 


A subject matter expert on brand purpose integrated campaign best practices, trends and opportunities. I’m focused on strategic brand building that captivates, engages and inspires stakeholders.

My personal brand is built upon integrity and a strong desire to help an organization engage people with authentic and compelling marketing communications. I enjoy team building and working with people to get things done. I lead by example and enjoy orchestrating projects and people to get the most from their collective efforts.